"gale slow down! I can’t walk as fast as you!" Rory stammered breaking into my thoughts. I let out a small aggravated sigh and yanked Rory into the air by his hood. He stared flailing around like I was going to hurt him. "grab on." I mumbled and he finally he gets what I mean and wraps his arms tightly around my neck. We continued to walk in silence. We finally got to the Everdeen’s home. Katniss had just left for the 75th annual hunger games. I knocked on the door firmly. Ms. Everdeen answered the door. Her eyes red and puffy. "hello. Gale, Rory. It’s nice to see you two." she said her voice quiet. "it’s nice to see you to Ms. Everdeen. May we come in and watch the games as mom and Posy don’t want to watch,… But I need to keep my eye on her." I say quietly she nods and let’s us in the living room. Prim sits on the couch quietly. Her eyes bloodshot from crying. Rory let go of my neck and ran over to her. He hugged her and Prim gave a small smile. Katniss said her and Prim where nothing alike, but she was wrong. They had the same exact smile. I remembered just the year before I was prying Prim away from her sister in the district square during the reaping. I turned to the T.V. To see Katniss leaned down next to a still figure on the ground. Peeta Mellark wasn’t breathing or moving. A small smile spread across my lips. It quickly faded. I hated that I was slightly happy he wasn’t moving. I looked back at the T.V. Finnick Odair was now reviving Peeta Mellark, but weren’t the other tributes supposed to want the others dead. Peeta started coughing in breathing. Katniss kneeled down beside him and started bawling. I hated that she fucking loved him. I shook my head and turned back to Rory and Prim. Rory was making funny faces and making Prim smile. One thing was true. Rory could make Prim smile that same way I used to make Katniss smile, and just maybe one Hawthorne would marry an Everdeen, but it probably wouldn’t be me.